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.We've had two people struck already.No sense in adding two more to that list."Pelivor sensed Catrin wanted to heed her cousin's advice, but it was difficult to see from a distance.The closer they drew, the more irritated Chase became."That's far enough.Don't you see the black spot right in front of where you're standing?"This time Catrin did stop.Pelivor stood on his toes, trying to see the broken spire's base, but all he could see was that it leaned outward, disrupting the energy flow.Swirling vortices danced across the plasma barrier like tears in the fabric of the prison itself.Through these rifts clear sky was visible, Istra's energy slipping through the otherwise impermeable barrier in hints and whispers.The ever-shifting surface captivated Pelivor.Having been locked away from the light, any chance to bask in its warmth was more than welcome.When Catrin pulled him away, he left reluctantly.With the stone chairs in place, their polished metal–streaked surfaces standing out against the monotonous walls of Dragonhold, a different energy filled the viewing chamber.Perhaps the least comfortable seat Pelivor had ever occupied, the stone chair invoked memories of being sore for days after the last time he'd sat in it.The chairs had rested in the Slippery Eel's hold at the time.Pelivor wondered for a moment why they had not experienced the same melding effect that Catrin and Allette had.There must be something about the design of this specific viewing chamber, he decided.In the next instant, no more time for contemplation remained.The chanting began softly but almost immediately grew louder.Voices became clearer as their confidence developed, and soon Pelivor floated on the vibrations they provided.When Catrin grabbed his hand, placed it on Koe's back, and kept her hand on top of his, he changed his guess: it was the common power source that bound them.There was no need to tell Catrin.He was naked before her, every thought exposed.His dreams, desires, and failings were hers to know, and he received the same from her.Nothing could have prepared him for the knowledge that flowed between them.Knowing what Catrin knew turned out to be far more responsibility than Pelivor had anticipated.From her memories, he learned the power to enslave, coerce, and even to destroy Godsland itself.For the rest of his days, he would bear knowledge he'd never desired.Catrin had told him there would be consequences.He hadn't fully comprehended.She had known that.The knowledge shamed him.The exchange took place in both directions, and Catrin experienced revelations of her own.The ability to communicate while experiencing each other's lives made the process even more complex."You were so brave," Catrin said during what was one of the most deeply buried memories in Pelivor's consciousness.Taken from the woman who'd raised him, he'd managed to leave without crying.A kind family took him in and gave him every opportunity.He would always be grateful to Nora Trell for what she'd done for him.He hadn't known it at the time, but the woman he considered his mother had been dying and had wanted to spare him the pain.The irony was not lost on him.Pelivor suspected tears fell from his physical form, but he really had no way of knowing.Traveling in his astral form made it feel as if he had no body at all.He existed on that plane as a being of energy and light.It was glorious, save it lacked the tactile presence the real world provided.He could not handle objects and manipulate them while exploring them with his sense of touch.Instead he was left to exert what little force his energetic form could muster.The wind ignored them as well, making travel easy and fast, but he missed the feel of it on his face.Many of the experiences that came to Pelivor were painful and frightening.Catrin's life had taken such a horrific turn.He'd never known such fear.When he experienced their kiss from Catrin's perspective, he was certain his physical face shone bright red.Catrin's own discomfort at sharing the memories flowed through the bond, and Pelivor reminded himself to take heed when Catrin warned him of consequences.This thought made Catrin laugh.Even that was invasive since he hadn't intentionally shared.It was as strange an experience as Pelivor had ever gone through.Letting Catrin guide them, Pelivor was able to relax and process the mountain of new information entering his mind.Neither had anticipated the hidden benefit of their melding, but it soon became clear Pelivor understood things about Istra's energy Catrin had never gleaned.His was a mind of logic, math, and reason.Catrin was defined far more by her feelings, and seeing things from Pelivor's clinical view changed the way she used Istra's gifts, even as they soared over the Endless Sea [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]

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